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240th Message

Allen > Please don’t leave…. <

239th Message

Allen > Maria! God no. Please still be there. <

238th Message

Allen > Maria? Please respond, Maria.  <

236th Message

Allen > I love you so much… Please stay. <

235th Message

Maria > …Luv u to, Allen. Happe ur ok. Whi’s so brite here? <

234th Message

Allen > I promise Maria. I’ll find some way to be happy. I love you so much. Please don’t leave me…. <

233rd Message

Maria > You know it’s not gonna happn. Dammit Allen, plze promis me this. Havin truble seeing the keyboard, thins getting fuzzy. <

232nd Message

Allen > I can’t do it Maria. I need you, please don’t leave me. <

231st Message

Maria > Live. Find yourself another slice of happiness, and hold onto it. Oh God, David’s unconscious. Atmosphere’s at 30%. <

230th Message

Allen > What am I supposed to do? I feel so useless now. <

229th Message

Maria > No, don’t say that. The only thing that’s keeping me from totally breaking down is that you’re OK. Don’t take it away from me. <

228th Message

Allen > So what! At least we would’ve been together now. I would give anything to be there with you. <

227th Message

Maria > And then what? Have no money until some other captain had an opening? These jobs are far and few between since the blockade. <